Organization Inspiration: Wooden Socket Holder

Wooden Socket Holder

One day my shop will be so organized that I will have the time to start classing it up. When that day comes, I will build this exceptionally classy wooden socket holder.   Sometimes I imagine what it would look like if I lived the life of a movie billionaire and was still a DIY kinda guy. I would have a shop with titanium and carbon fiber inlays, and of course a robot butler as a workshop assistant. I would also have golden screwdrivers and my sockets organized in a custom wooden case with laser engraved lettering. While it will be a while before I make this fantasy come about, I still like to look at great projects like this instructable from Joe Gadget. In this quick tutorial, Joe goes through the process of designing a wood and magnet socket holder, then proceeds to laser-cut the pieces and assemble.

Pieces for Wooden Socket HolderAlthough I don’t have the tools necessary to laser-cut my pieces at this time, I still find myself wondering what the rest of Joe Gadget’s shop looks like if this exceptionally classy block of wood is the home for his lowly sockets.

Well done, Joe. Well done.