How to: Make a Leather Mason Jar Mug

Here’s a clever use for leather: Josh used some nice thick 12-14 oz leather to create a thermal sleeve for a mason jar to prevent warm drinks from burning your hand, and then he added a swell leather handle for functionality and some serious style. 

This is a straightforward build that doesn’t require a lot of specialized leather working tools, and would make a great beginning project. Josh says

Are you looking into getting into working with leather? I have been wanting to for a long time now. This mason jar sleeve is a perfect way to dive in and learn a bit about the craft. We have a great leather store here in Springfield, and the supplies and possibilities are endless. If you don’t have a sweet leather store in your area, there’s always the Internet, which has everything. This project was super easy, didn’t require many tools, and would make a great gift! I’m already looking forward to trying other leather projects. Sorry, family and friends, you’re all getting leather stuff for Christmas. I’m not really sorry.

Nice. Get the full how-to at A Beautiful Mess: Leather Mason Jar Sleeve