DIY Project: Love Honey? Build Your Own Bee Hive

Bee Hive Assembled

My family loves honey. The natural sweetener is either on or in just about everything we eat, so it was just a matter of time before we started looking into “making” it ourselves. This basic bee hive is the perfect start to getting natural honey right from the source.   While it may be a bit daunting (dangerous) to think about raising bees, after reading about it over at Bees and Beekeeping I felt a bit more comfortable about keeping hundreds of flying needles around my house. With a bit of room and a DIY mindset, keeping bees is safe and the sweet reward is worth the effort.

Bee hive Assembled

The project includes box joints for strength, but overall it is straightforward and easy to follow with plenty of pictures of the process and a few tips on how to put it all together. The site also has articles on placement, and resources on getting the actual hive bees delivered right to your door. 

So if you have the space to raise bees a bit away from your house, this project may be worth the time, with plenty of sweet rewards in the future.

Build a Bee Hive: An Illustrated, Step-By-Step Guide