DIY Inspiration: Living Large In a Tiny House

Tiny House Loft SleepingI’ve been dreaming about a home in the woods for years. There’s something incredible about unplugging and getting back to a more simple life. My dreams really got pushed into overdrive when I stumbled across the tiny house movement, and I’m sure yours will too.   Tiny houses are built more like a yacht with compact multi-use areas, innovative storage, and loft sleeping areas. The designs use natural products and finishes that blend into the surroundings for a light footprint and aesthetic cohesion with the environment (a tiny footprint is at the heart of the tiny house movement).

Marmara Tiny House PlanMany of those in the tiny house movement realise that living in a small space requires shedding ‘things’, which completely has a soft spot in my heart. Living with less, seems to open up the opportunity to do more – more time to play, to read, to do just about anything other than organizing ‘things’. While my family of 5 doesn’t have the ability to live in 200 sqft, I can still dream of a weekend escape, and a cabin like this is the way to go.

Building the Tiny-Tack Tiny House

Because of the small footprint, site preparation and materials are limited so the build goes up fast and fits into a landscape rather than dominating it. Of course the small details take time to be installed properly, but my DIY side just loves that thought. 

Tiny-Tack Interior Photo

The best part? The house is built on a trailer frame, so when the scenery needs to change, it can be hooked up and moved for a completely different view out the tiny house windows.

If a house like this inspires you to undertake a massive DIY project, take a look at these great sites for plenty of inspiration, photos, or plans:

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Tiny Tack House

If you do decide to go big by going small, be sure to let us know! Send us a picture of the project!