The Ultimate Guide to Making Saucy Asian Noodles

For some people, fall comfort food is a warm pot of chili. Others love an ooey gooey mac and cheese, and many dig on a Sunday dinner-style roast chicken with all the fixings. And, me too. But my ideal version of what to eat on a chilly fall evening or a rainy Saturday looks a whole lot like the photo above.    I was, in fact, searching for such a recipe when I stumbled across this post from Lady and Pups, a home cooking site with lots of style and attitude. 

Mandy calls her noodle recipe “Bunker Crack Slurp” – bunker, cause it’s the kind of dish you hole up with when you don’t wanna go outside; crack, as it’s apparently addictive; and slurp, cause it’s how you’ll gulp it down. I’m not so on board with referencing such a life-damaging substance to reference something tasty, but I’ll find a new name, and enjoy it plenty.

The trick here is a tasty combo of fried shallots and chicken skins, and the fat that comes from the process…namely, schmaltz. Mixed with fermented bean paste, Sichuan peppercorns, and some soy and scallions, it looks to be an addictive and deeply satisfying bowl of food. 

I’ll be try it this weekend. Bunker Crack Slurp []