The Gentleman’s Organization, Part II: DIY Shoe Shine Box and Phone Charging Station

Charging System In Process

Part one of the Gentleman’s Organization series put together storage solutions for watches and sunglasses with some interesting projects. This time, we’ll be looking at taming cell phone charging cords and all the little pieces of your shoe shine kit.

Cell Phone Charging Station

Letting the Charging Station

One of the most cluttered areas in my house is the tangled nest of charging cords that I plug all my power hungry gear into every day. Trying to figure out how to get them all squared away seems to be a daily struggle, so when I saw this project it immediately went on the to-do list. The project from Lil’ Luna is a clean and easy charging station that put all cords in an organized package for juicing up all those gadgets. The project has measurements, step-by step directions, and plenty of good pictures to follow along the way. 

Customize the station with finish and lettering to match the room and all that clutter will be tamed for good.

Handmade Shoe Shine Box

Handmade Shoe Shine Box

Over the course of a few years I’ve collected quite a slew of shoe shine tools and brushes. This simple project over at The Art Of Manliness is a bit basic, but has all the measurements and steps to put it all together. The box holds all the pieces needed to keep your shoes polished up and looking brand new. As a bonus, check out this great drawing adapted from the Original 1950’s Popular Mechanics article. I love that vintage design.

Shoe Shine Box Drawing

So take control like gentleman and get some clean organization in your life with a few hours of hard work in the shop this weekend.