Make This: DIY Rosemary Mint Shaving Cream

I can't say I can recall the ingredients on a basic can of shaving cream. It's pungent smell and pearly white appearance can only make one wonder if you're putting healthy chemicals on your face. Lucky for you, controlling what you put on your face is as easy as this recipe for your own jar of shaving cream.    

Typical shaving cream can have soaps and other chemicals that dry out your face–hence the occasional need for aftershave. With this recipe you may find you will not need any kind of moisturizer when you're finished due to the natural properties of the oils (coconut, shea and almond) in the cream.

Mint and Rosemary Shaving Cream

The best part about this recipe is your ability to customize the scent to your liking. Rosemary and mint is a fantastic idea, I'd also consider patchouli or lavender and cedarwood if you're looking for a scent that reminds you of the great outdoors, smoky camp fires and beards—oh wait—maybe not the beards thing if you're using shaving cream.

Rosemary Mint Shaving Cream

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