Aug 18, 2014

Rigsketball: A Short Film about Rock Bands Playing Hoops Attached to a Tour Van

Rigsketball - noun - ˈ[rigːs.kɪt.bɔːl] - "a band basketball tournament played on a regulation basketball hoop that's bolted to [a tour] van."Each year, artist and musician Bim Ditson hosts the Rigsketball tournament, an urban creative take on basketball. He says, "it has a bunch of stuff that's inherently different because its just a bunch of weird artistic people that are maybe not the best at basketball."

Film maker Juliet Zulu created this short on this year's game, and she presents it as a meditation on the DIY ethos and community building. It's a fun watch, and full of style, slamdunks, and mohawks. 

Watch the video below, then check out Juliet's site for more details and still photos.


Rigsketball from Juliet Zulu on Vimeo.




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