Weekend Project: Make a Custom Drill Bit Rack

created at: 08/15/2014

As any DIYer knows…the longer you’ve been making stuff, the more stuff you gather. But not just tools – all the accessories and add-ons that make tools into mutil-tasking, multi-purpose creative machines.

No tool represents that versatility like the drill/driver. And nothing else racks up extra parts: twist bits, brad-point bits, hole saws, Forstner bits, spade bits, hex drivers, sanding drums, and the like. There are a lot of things that work by being chucked in and spinning at 1000s of RPMs. To keep those thing organized, sharp, and ready to go when he needed them, Massachusetts-based maker Bales came up with this customizable drill bit rack. 

created at: 08/15/2014

He says, “Maybe you store your bits in the factory case/box? Those all seem to be different sizes, making storage a nightmare … that is if they plastic hinge doesn’t break within the first week. Maybe you use old coffee cans or plastic containers like I did for awhile, which ends up becoming a catch all for small hardware, fasteners and sawdust. It was time to put an end to this madness and organize my drill bits. I wanted them grouped in sets, I wanted them portable, and I wanted them labeled.”

Bales employed a cleat system that allows each section to be moved to another space when working on a project, or reorganized on the backer board itself. Very clever.

Get the full how-to at Instructables: The Drill Bit Rack