How to: Turn an IKEA Beach Chair into a Modern Leather Lounge Chair

leather lounge chair DIY

Another great IKEA hack, gentleman! This time a classic, stripe-y beach chair gets flipped into a modern lounge chair, while keeping things affordable. 

The finished project chair is fit for a reading room or even as a statement piece next to your couch, and requires no more than good sewing skills and a few tools. 

You could make a few of these chairs for your patio as well, and since they fold, you can store them away easily once summer is done.

If you want to save some money on leather (which could be the most expensive material in this DIY), you can pop by a fabric store and check their “odds and ends” leather bin, lots of times they have long enough pieces that can be usable for this project. Alternatively, you can also stitch several pieces to create a quilted look.

For full instructions and list of materials check out Kristi Murphy’s blog: LEATHER COUCH CHRONICLES #3 – TURN A BEACH CHAIR INTO A CHIC LEATHER SLING BACK CHAIR