The Science of Barbecue: Why Old School Methods Still Make the Best Meat

Truly amazing barbecue – the transformation of tough, chewy cuts into something tender and juicy and full of smoke flavor – is a true artform. And like all craft, it involves a healthy does of science and technique as well. NPR’s The Salt blog references an episode of It’s Okay To Be Smart, where the host visits famed Texas barbecue chef Aaron Franklin. “The latest grilling gadgets, they both agree, aren’t the answer to good barbecue. And science suggests they may be right.. And science suggests they may be right. Gas grills offer the advantage of speed: They heat up quickly and make it easy to serve hungry family members and guests in a jiffy. But what you end up sacrificing is tenderness in the meat — that’s achieved only when you slow down the cooking.” 

Fascinating stuff for a Independence Day weekend. Heres’s hoping yours involves plenty of low and slow.