How to: Add Custom Decals to Personalize Any Glass Jar

How to personalize a honey jar

You can print on paper, you can print on fabric, you can even print on wood, but customizing glass has remained a little elusive. 

Enter this techniuq by Amy Azzarito on Design Sponge. It’s fairly easy and has endless variations you can apply to any glass container 

In the original post Amy uses stamps to personalize honey jars, but really, this method could be applied to any kind of jar or bottle [I’m seeing customized home brewed beer bottles in my future.] Once you get a hang of the technique, it’ll be useful for all sorts of creative projects.

And the list of materials isn’t bad at all, you get most of the stuff at the craft store and the rest you probably have it at home…’cause you do clean your ears, right?

Materials needed:

  • Glass jar with a lid
  • Rubber Stamp
  • Solvent Ink (using StazOn in Opaque White)
  • Stamp Cleaner (recommend StazOn cleaner)
  • Honey (support your local bee farmer, grab a gallon from the farmers market)
  • Cotton ball + Q-tips
  • isopropyl alcohol

This idea is also great to label jars for spices! No more mess or using cayenne pepper instead of paprika.

Get all the steps and tons of more how-to pics over at Design Sponge.