Oct 03, 2013

How To Make Your Own DIY Wooden Cutting Board

DIY Cutting board

Even though summer is gone, you will continue to host awesome dinner parties and you'll definitely need to make some of these cutting boards.

One cannot have enough cutting boards, especially wooden cutting boards which look dashing as serving platters. The gals from A Beautiful Mess have created a real simple tutorial to make your own wooden board, no hassle, no crazy ass tools, just a good ol' saw, some hardwood, and some food-grade oil to finish it off.

You can even use some wooden scraps left over from your last project. And don't worry if the shapes are odd, you can totally pull the asymmetrical look, just paint it white with food-safe paint and call it a day.

Oh also, the ABM ladies mention that this project is great as a gift, so there, save a few pennies and give something meaningful to a friend.

For full instructions and list of materials, hop over to A Beatiful Mess


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Anonymous on Oct 04, 2013:

My Grandma used to give homemade loaves of bread from her bread maker as gifts, allong with a little cutting board shaped like a slice of bread. The edges of the wood were burned (crust!). My Grandma, only did the bread gift thing for a couple of years before the bread maker died, and honestly, the bread was't even that good. My Grandma was not really much of a baker, but to this day people still remembers her as such. And lots of us still have the cutting boards, and think of her every time we use them.