The 40 Best (Free) Streaming Documentaries to Watch on Netflix Instant

I shared last week that during October 2013, my house won’t be buying anything other than food and utilities.  And while the month is certainly focused on what we’re not gonna do, it’s equally about what we are going to do… and what I’m going do is watch a whole buncha movies.    And to start, I’m gonna work my way through the films I haven’t seen on this list: Paste Magazine’s 40 Best Documentaries on Netflix Instant. The music and culture site have rounded up their favorite collection of free, streaming non-fiction films, with a decided emphasis on more recent releases. I mean, sure, Hoop Dreams is still number one (duh), but there are a satisfying number of releases from the last three-four years, which is especially helpful as non-fiction films don’t always come to every city in theatrical release.

This week, I’m starting with Shut Up and Play the Hits (pictured above), about the final concert of the band LCD Soundsystem in 2011. We definitely didn’t get this in theaters, and I’ve been excited to get my hands on it. So…good looking out, Paste magazine!

Check out the full list: The 40 Best Documentaries on Netflix Instant

(Thanks for the link, Brady Kimball)