Pimp My Pool Table: DIY Edition

The Shelby GT 350 Pool Table

Ladies and gentlemen, The Shelby GT 350 Pool Table. It’s like a race car bed…for grown ups.

The pool table combines good times and great design. Are you freaking out a little bit? It’s ok, we kinda did.

It’s moulded from the body of a 1965 GT 350 (all of you auto snobs must be grinning right now), and it even has working lights and a license plate! If you’ve always dreamed of having an old school car or if you already have one that’s been sitting for years waiting to be repaired, then you should consider getting this.

And why not making this the ultimate DIY project? Ambitious, sure, but totally possible. Some of those cars are available for sale on craigslist and come with no engine, seats, or anything else, so instead of having it in your garage collecting dust, why not transform it into a pool table that can entertain many generations to come. Dude, you’ll be a legend.

The Shelby GT 350 Pool Table

In the meantime, you can daydream of playing pool in this awesome car.