Aug 23, 2013

DIY Idea: Make Leather Cabinet Pulls

Leather and brass pulls by CAMP [http://www.campprovisions.com/product/leather-brass-pulls]

Want to upgrade your cabinets? We got a super easy idea for you that requires only a couple materials.

CAMP has these awesome hexagonal cabinet pulls that are super sleek, modern, and masculine. The pulls are handmade and include an awesome brass bolt that can be easily installed in virtually any drawer.

If you were to recreate this look, you'd need two things:

  • Thick leather straps (available at most fabric stores or you could even reuse an old belt?).
  • Bolt in the shape of your choice.

Lots of stores have "leftover" leather pieces that are usually discounted, so you could get a few of those, cut them to the desired shape and use them for your pulls, this will significantly reduce the price of your project.

For the bolts, there are TONS of choices at the hardware store. You could leave them as is, or you could spray paint them to add a pop of colour.

And hey, why stopping there, do a "his" and "hers" version and paint them in different colours. Everyone wins!


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