5 High-in-Protein Meat Alternatives…That Actually Taste Delicious

created at: 06/28/2016

Healthy protein intake is essential for all of us, and especially important for adult men. Unfortunately, for lots of us, the standard delivery system – namely, the muscles of animals – can be high in fat, cholesterol, and other baddies that need to be taken in moderation. So? Try these meat-free protein-laden alternatives that are worthy of a Game of Thrones warrior. True fact. Or something….

1. Beans: These fellas are full of protein and fiber, which will help you feel “full”. Try making this Greens and Beans salad by Sweet Paul and you’ll be hooked!

Cheesy Quinoa cakes via Shop Girl [https://shopgirlmaria.blogspot.ca/2013/04/cheesy-quinoa-and-broccoli-patties.html]

2. Quinoa: You have probably heard lots about this pseudocereal. And all of it it’s true. Quinoa is not just a trendy fad, it is actually super nutritious and with *4.4 grams of protein per 100gr, you can’t go wrong (*source). These cheesy quinoa cakes by Shop Girl are quite the treat! Yes. Cheese, protein, and veggies. All in one. Bam!

Tempeh quesadillas via Bev Cooks [https://bevcooks.com/2012/06/tempeh-and-black-bean-quesadillas/]

3. Tempeh: Temp..what? Tempeh is a soy product that’s cultured and fermented. Unlike tofu, tempeh contains lots of good bacteria for your gut and it’s usually flavored and ready to go, which will save you lots of time. You can find tempeh at almost any natural foods market. As with any soy product, it is high in protein and calcium. Wanna make the mouthwatering black bean quesadillas shown above? Then visit Bev Cooks to get the full recipe!

Hemp cilantro dip via Mind Body Green [https://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-7827/power-up-with-this-hemp-cilantro-dip-raw-recipe.html]

4. Hemp: Don’t get too excited. This ain’t a “magic brownie” recipe. Hemp seeds are one of the best ways to get some extra protein in your diet, you can sprinkle them on anything! Yogurt, cereal, soup, you name it. Take a bag to work so you can add it to your lunch when needed. Make this easy hemp cilantro dip and pair it up with some good ol’ chips.

Tofu Frites via White on Rice Couple [https://whiteonricecouple.com/recipes/tofu-frites-mojos-in-asian-ketchup-whats-your-style/]

5. Tofu: this meat alternative has the bad rep of tasting like cardboard, but that’s because it hasn’t been prepared correctly! Yes, tofu CAN actually taste awesome. Consider tofu as your wild card which can be used on anything: sweet dishes, salads, stews, skewers, etc. One thing to ALWAYS remember is to season the tofu before hand, that way you won’t feel like you’re eating your tax return. If you don’t believe me, then try this tofu fries recipe by White on Rice Couple. F-R-I-E-S!

So, are you sold on some of these ideas? Or are you still on the fence? If you have any favorites you want to share, let us know!