Jul 10, 2013

Men's Style: How Clothes Should Fit

created at: 07/10/2013

I just stumbled across this cool new site called HowClothesShouldFit.com, a guy's guide to using clothing fit to look your best. What's interesting here, at least to me, is not the 101-style info, which is available on countless places all over the internet. I'm more intrigued by the presentation of the content as a website, instead of a blog post or infographic, because, well, it's easy to remember. And in the era of the smart phone, you can just type it in next time you're shopping for clothing or at the tailor, and it'll be there, every time. 

created at: 07/10/2013

The text was actually culled from a Reddit thread, and the site was written, illustrated, and coded as a collaboration among three users of the popular social news site.

Check it out (and memorize the URL): HowClothesShouldFit.com 


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