Have You Tried Your State Cocktail? 50 Drinks from 50 States

 This weekend, why not toast with a little regional flair?    Cambria from The Kitchn shares this great list of “outstanding drinks from all 50 states” published by New York magazine’s Grub Street blog. They call it “a ‘cocktail terroir’ or as close as one can get to such a thing: original, innovative recipes often made with local spirits and homemade infusions, syrups, and ingredients. If you get tired of one drink, there are 49 others to try.” 

Many of the drinks include local spirits – liqueurs infused with regional flavors – or dominant flavors from an area’s cuisine – like a beer syrup from Wisconsin, or a smoked salmon Bloody Mary from Alaska. Even if you can’t find the exact ingredients in your area, most of the recipes can be translated to what you can get your hands on. 

Otherwise, it’s just fun to see what your local cocktail might be. I happen to have all the necessary ingredients for mine, and I’ll be giving it a try come 5:00.

Cocktail Country: Outstanding Drinks From All 50 States [Grub Street; link and image via the Kitchn]