Modern Meets Heritage: The Kunsthaus Graz

Credit: [Eduardo Martinez, Nicolas Lackner, Christian Plach]

The Kunsthaus Graz is the perfect example that modern design and heritage buildings can coexist in the same area.

This architectural landmark is located in Graz, Austria and was built as part of the European Capital of Culture celebrations in 2003 – it is a hub for all sorts of events and art exhibitions. Its 1,288 semi transparent acrylic glass panels are shaped in an ameba-like bubble that could well fit a movie from The Space Channel.

Credit: Eduardo Martinez, Nicolas Lackner, Christian Plach

It’s amazing how it stands out as a landmark of its own, but at the same time it’s perfectly snuggled in between the existing heritage structures. On one side you have beautiful historic buildings with iconic brick roofs, and on the other you have an ultra-modern space; one that can generate part of its energy with built-in photovoltaic units.

Credit: Eduardo Martinez, Nicolas Lackner, Christian Plach

To see more of the Kunsthaus Graz – or to plan a visit, head to The Kunsthaus Graz [via iGnant]