Apr 11, 2013

Advice to Young Men from an Old Man

created at: 04/11/2013

Several years ago, a fascinating, and perhaps compelling, post appeared on San Francisco's Craigslist titled, "Advice to Young Men from an Old Man."   Michael from A Continuous Lean saved the text, and recently published it on his site. 

I, too, offer it without comment, except to say - I don't agree with everything here, but it does make me think. A lot. It makes me think about the content, but also about the guy who sat down to write this. About how he thought Craigslist was the right place to publish it (if that was indeed its original appearance). About the nature of advice, about email forward-style philosophy, and about publishing anonymously. 

created at: 04/11/2013Check it out. I'd be curious to know how you react. 

Advice to Young Men from an Old Man [A Continuous Lean]

[top photo by Arby Reed, CC 2.0]


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Rich on Apr 17, 2013:

QuarterSwede, All old men are bitter/jaded. If we knew these rules earlier in life, maybe not so much. I've spent way too much time perfecting my vocation in my 60 years, wonder where my wife was last night?

Harvey on Apr 15, 2013:

Reading 29 brought a lump to my throat - I think there is some truth in it and I momentarily felt a pang for my young son and the potential difficulties ahead of him.  Despite that, I don't think men are the underdog in this world.  Women have their difficulties too.

QuarterSwede on Apr 12, 2013:

More like advice to young men from a bitter/jaded old man. Half of it is crap. Heck based on #30 I'd say he was being sarcastic with the entire thing.

Chris on Apr 11, 2013:

@Kevin - Yeah, I hear you. The lower you get, the gender politics and morality become sorta...as you said, contradictory. I didn't get a full-on "look out for number one" vibe, but I was certainly curious about this guy's own relationships, for sure.

Kevin on Apr 11, 2013:

Eh. Not impressed. Most of those contradicted each other.

To sum it up, "Do what's best for yourself...unless they're blood family...or your wife. Oh wait, never mind, you can cheat on your wife if you feel like it."