National Parks Explorers Guide Checklist

I have a new goal on my life list: visit every U.S. National Park. As of now…I’ve been to exactly: two. I don’t really live near too many, and as a kid, my family tended to travel to the same few places every year. But, I’m legit serious about this one, and I’ma get started this year on my next vacation: a trip to all five National Parks in Utah in late summer/early fall 2013.    To keep track of my adventures, I’m seriously considering this National Parks checklist map print from ElloThere, a husband and wife team from Brooklyn. It’s a playful, Futura-filled map of the U.S., with a happy little trees to mark the location of each park. When you visit the park, you can add a little sticker to each shape to mark your travels.

I especially like that there are a few options, from a quite affordable and frame-ready 11×17″ archival print to a mounted canvas piece, ready to be hung, with stickers included. I’m sure by the time I actually complete it, it might look at little 2013-ish, but who cares? It’ll provide plenty of motivation for the next few years.

National Parks Checklist Print – ElloThere on