Brewing the Perfect Cup of Coffee at Home: The Complete Guide

I’m a big advocate of brewing your own tasty cup of coffee at home. It saves you lots of money and possibly over the coffee shop, tastes much better than the stuff from the gas station or bodega, and allows you to have a hands-on experience of a true pleasure.    (There’s lots of economic, ecological, and justice reasons as well; I shant get political here, but if you wanna email me, I’ll be happy to chat more.)

So, I’ve been really enjoying this week-long study from Tonx and Lifehacker on Brewing the Perfect Cup. It begins by make the case for better coffee, then expands into selecting beans, multiple at-home brewing methods that produce excellent results, and provide resources to get you into full-on coffee nerdery.

If you want, of course. Otherwise, you can just learn the basics of producing a really great cup of coffee – affordably and sustainably – any time you want, at home. That’s DIY to me.

Brew the Perfect Cup: The Complete Guide [Lifehacker]