How To: Make the Perfect Bellini

created at: 05/03/2010

The Bellini was invented in the 1940s at Harry’s Bar in Venice, the famous destination spot for elite tourists and celebrities, like Ernest Hemingway (Much of Across the River and into the Trees is set there), that was also the birthplace of beef carpaccio.

created at: 05/17/2010

Bellinis used to only be made during the summer months, when fresh peaches were in season, but thanks to modern technology, flash-frozen peach purees are available, allowing Bellinis to stay on brunch menus everywhere.

These make great pre-lunch starts, and somehow works equally well on the backside of a meal as a dessert. And if you do it well, it becomes an interactive experience that everyone enjoys.

We at ManMade thinks if you’re gonna makes one, you might as well make a pitcher, so here’s how to do it.

The Perfect Bellini

  • 10 ounces white peach puree or peach nectar
  • One 750-ml bottle prosecco or other sparkling Italian wine 
  • Drop of peach liqueur for each glass.

1. Pour the peach puree at the bottom of a large glass pitcher.

2. Place a long bar spoon in the pitcher, and slowly pour the sparkling wine down the spoon towards the side of the glass to prevent foaming.

3. Pull the spoon up slowly along side the pitcher, bring the puree up with it, and mix very, very gently to not destroy the bubbles.

4. Pour into individual champage flutes, then float the peach liqueur on top. No need to garnish.