The Zombie Table: A Product You Can Really Get Behind

created at: 05/13/2010

Sooner or later you’re gonna find yourself in this situation:

You’re at home, watching educational programming or perhaps reading up on the latest antics on, and BANG! BOOM! The zombies have already chewed through the font door.

What to do? What to do?

It’s simple, says the “Safe Bedside Table.” Simply untwist the removable leg that serves as a club and weild the top like a shield, and consider yourself defended.Of course, I guess this could also be used to defend yourself against any number of other home intruders, but with all the undead walking around, what’s the likelihood of that, really?

The “Safe Beside Table” by James McAdams

Via and inspiration: Dread Central

The ‘Safe Bedside Table’ has a removable leg that acts as a club and a top that doubles as a shield for self-defence. This is for people who are willing to take on an intruder, providing