How to: Make a Killer Bloody Mary

Here’s your word of the day: catoptromancy. What’s it mean? It’s theact of divination or conjuring using a mirror, from the Greek κάτοπτρον [katoptron], mirror, and μαντεία [manteia], divination. Learn something new every day, huh?

Whether the Bloody Mary cocktail was named for the ghost who appears in a mirror when her name is called, Queen Mary I of England, or a waitress who worked at some bar in the early twentieth century, the Bloody Mary will never get old, simply because it’s infinitely adaptable.

Maggie has created a “killer” version for Halloween, mixed with spicy chile-garlic paste and fresh herbs, complete with an excellent mushroom skull garnish, which clobbers any stalk of celery I’ve ever seen. Get the recipe:

Mighty Thirst, Halloween: Killer Bloody Mary