Amazing Spiral Family Tree of Greek Mythology

In college, I specialized in classics and Ancient Greek studies, so this beautifully designed “Greek Myth Family Spiral” definitely appeals to my not-so-inner antiquities geek, so please indulge me.

created at: 10/30/2012

Severino Ribecca describes his piece, 

The ancient Greeks had a vast list of various deities, mythical beings and legendary characters in their culture. My task was to take their many mythical figures and show their relation to each other in one diagram. My response was a detailed family tree system, that shows the origin of all these characters exploding out of “Chaos”, their point of origin. I had to design the diagram in a way that it could handle the huge amount names and interactions, while still being visually clear and easy to follow.

Nailed it. See it in full resolution at Rino Design: Family Tree Diagram of Greek Mythology