How to: Carve Your Own Wooden Spoon

In contrast to the rough, stainable, and seemingly disposable wooden spoons you can snag at the discount store for $6.99 for a three-pack, a hand-carved, hardwood spoon is a practical, heirloom item that can be used and cherished for generations. But, because they do take time to create, a hand-carved wooden spoon can be pricey.

Which is why you should make one yourself.   Dana from The Kitchn has rounded up a few how-tos that detail the process, using minimal tools like a wood rasp and a simple pocket or carving knife.

She’s found a 1978 article from Mother Earth News, as well instructional online videos. Also, be sure to check the comments, where a reader also suggests this episode from The Woodwrights Shop for carving Swedish wooden spoons, where they also provide suggestions for the best wood species to use for such a project.

DIY in the Kitchen: Carve Your Own Wooden Spoons