The ABC of Men’s Fashion

“Clothes cannot make the man,” argues Jeff Staple, the owner of Staple Design, a clothing collection, creative agency and retail store in New York City. Or, more positively, “Sometimes you just put something on and you feel like you can destroy the world with it.”   

Staple was interviewed in the video below by Hardy Amies, a British menswear brand. “Following a successful column in Esquire magazine, in 1964 Hardy Amies wrote the ABC of Men’s Fashion, a witty guide to gentlemen’s style and etiquette. Today, some of the world’s most influential people involved in fashion and creativity give their own view on style and the essentials of men’s fashion.” I gotta get a hold of that book.

Recently, Hardy Amies has taken the approach and updated it for 2012, creating and sharing eleven (so far) video beautifully shot interviews with stylish guys – designers, bloggers, and other creative entrpreneurs – who provide tips and motivation for developing your personal style.

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