Handmade Leather iPhone Wallets

With the evergrowing ubiquity of smartphones and tablets, designers and makers are having a ball coming up with ways to infuse some custom, handmade warmth to these digital devices. We’ve seen lots of smartphone/wallet combos before, but none have tempted my checking account like these designs by SakatanLeather.  

This Chiang Mai, Thailand-based Etsy shop seems to have solved the problem of too tight pockets and stuck cards and cash by adding a snap, so you can access what you need when you need it, and secure it when you don’t. This guy wouldn’t work for an everyday wallet for many, but for travel, nights out, or business meetings when you don’t need all your loyalty cards and photos, it’d fit amazingly in an inner jacket pocket or satchel. 

At $26 (plus $5 for shipping to the US), I’m getting very itchy fingers.

Update: I couldn’t help it. Bought one to slim down to the essentials for some upcoming trips.

Check out SakatanLeather’s shop on Etsy!