May 06, 2010

What The F%&K Should I Make For Dinner?

created at: 05/06/2010

Nothing says "home cooked meal" like swear words in black Helvetica on white....

created at: 05/06/2010

WhatTheFuckShouldIMakeForDinner.com is a tongue-in-cheek recipe inspiration site that, despite its gimmick, actually works really well. You head there, and it instantly gives you a suggested meal, including a link to the recipe at Epicurious. If you're not into it, simply click "I don't fucking like that" for another option, or the "I don't fucking eat meat/I'm not a fucking vegetarian" combo to toggle back and forth between veggie and carnivorous options.

True, it's a little much, but having messed around with it for a while, I have my meals for the next week planned, so good work, says I.

created at: 05/06/2010




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