Infographic: Where Food Goes on the Grill

created at: 06/19/2012

While grilling is likely humankind’s most primitive form of cookery, it remains the means with the most finesse: dealing with inconsistent temperatures and hot and cool zones to produce that magical balance of a perfectly charred exterior and cooked-through interior.   The trick, as all grill masters know, is the proper use of direct and indirect heat methods.

Food Republic created this great visual reminder of exactly where to put the food on the grill grates to get a proper sear without over or undercooking the center.

created at: 06/19/2012

They say, “Here at Food Republic, we take grilling seriously. Many of us are out of practice after a long winter, so welcome to pre-season. Take a knee. Let’s go over the basics. In the true spirit of grilling season, rather than give a long motivational speech, we’ve provided you with a simple illustration that should answer all of your questions about where food goes on the grill. Print it out, tape it up on your fridge.”

Get the full infographic at Food Republic