May 18, 2012

DIY Idea: Handmade Steampunk Shaving Box

created at: 05/18/2012

If you're going to take the time and effort to learn to use classic shaving equipment like a safety razor and lather brush, then you need an equally classic box and storage system.

So thought Zorwick, a maker from the Netherlands, who whipped up this hardwood, brass, and copper shaving kit using materials from the hobby shop, and an old thermometer, copper bowl, leather belt from the flea market.

created at: 05/18/2012

He created it by sketching his design in the computer, then cutting the wood and features with an interesting little tool called a Unimat, a small tabletop unit that includes a wood and metal lathe, router, sander, and jigsaw.

created at: 05/18/2012

See how the whole thing went together at Instructables. If you're not quite on board with the whole steampunk aesthetic (a category to which I often find myself), perhaps this will serve as an example of when it simply works.




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