How to: Make a 3D Death Star Cake

You, saavy internet user, have likely seen all kinds of awesome cakes over the last few years: the architectural, the sculptural, the realistic, the pop culture-inspired… You’ve seen the TV shows and the competitions, and perhaps have even played with fondant and modeling chocolate a bit yourself. 

So, if you’re wanting to take the plunge beyond simple sheets and layers, you may as well go big, and try to make the Death Star.

Thankfully, this is no stack and carve a perfect sphere challenge. The cakes are baked in two metal bowls, then filled and covered with dark chocolate ganache.

If you’re interested in learning some of these techniques, you could do no better. While the finished product looks complex, the build seems relatively simple. A bit of work, but an amazing payoff.

Death Star Cake How-to [Cake Central]

(via Make)