Friday Fun: How to Fold a Miura-Ori

“Chris,” you’re saying. “What’s a Miura-ori?”

Well, it’s that thing. In the picture. A sheet of paper that has been folded to open and close in a single motion. ” A Miura sheet has only one degree of freedom, and can be thought of as having only two states: fully open, or fully closed. Since reversing one fold in the sheet (that is, making a “mountain” into a “valley”) requires reversing all of the adjacent folds as well, the Miura sheet feels as though it has a memory, and is very resistant to deformation.”

i just made three…and it’s crazy fun to learn and just fold and unfold over and over again.I’m definitely going to master this technique, and it’ll become my default method for folding maps…cause, you know, no one can actually do that successfully. 

Learn more and get the pattern for this cool project at Wheatpond.