Ten Podcasts You Should Be Listening to Right Now!

created at: 01/11/2012

Over the last five years, the podcast has grown from that sorta strange, internet-interview-radio thing that no one really knew what to do with to some of the most engaging and informative, and often hilarious, media available. Most often for free.   The AV Club rallied all their contributors and editors, and rubric in hand, sought to determine the best podcasts currently available. “With the debut of our Podmass feature…we now had a large group of contributors listening to upwards of 40 podcasts every week. So…we made our best podcasts feature more formal: …Those who voted had 50 points to dole out to five podcasts, with no podcast earning more than 15 points. We’ve tallied the votes and points below, including the percentage of time the podcast wound up in “The Best” in Podmass. We’ve also included everyone’s ballots, which feature additional commentary.”

The list is fascinating, and while it certainly features comedy and pop culture heavyweights like WTF and Comedy Bangbang (nee Death Ray), and they provide a great starter episode to check out. So, check out the list, plug in your iPod, and discover some better listening.