How to Live a Creative Life (an Infographic)

The current issue of Fast Company magazine (on stands now) features an amazing centerpiece on “How to Live a Creative Life.” The article begins with a fascinating interview with Martin Scorsese, and his ability to, basically, do what fulfills him, and make incredible, personal films with Hollywood’s money. “The director has achieved the trifecta of a fulfilling, creative life: enough money to do only what truly interests him, enough freedom to attack those projects in a way that is satisfying, and enough appreciation from his peers to tame–just slightly, just ever so slightly–the neurotic beast of self-doubt.”

Equally interesting are the various breakout boxes and b-sides, including this awesome flow chart on How to Live a Creative Life, designed by ManMade faves, PopChartLabs.   The infographic is a playful, “complete guide to making your inner genius your greatest on-the-job asset,” and features practical advice, ideas and inspiration, as well as coping tips for dealing with the struggles of living creatively. 

It’s good stuff, and certainly worth a walk through, and the whole piece, from Scorsese to the fascinating look at how advertising and entertainment are merge into one collaborative field.

Check out the full feature at Fast Company