DIY Idea: Hand Gesture Pop-Up Greeting Cards

created at: 12/29/2011

Sometimes, it only takes a single hand gesture to effectively convey what we want to say. So those of you that are more inclined to use non-verbal communication might want to buy (or better yet, make!) one of these hand gesture pop-up greeting cards.  

created at: 12/29/2011

Enough Said is a series of handmade cards by Etsy artist Alessandra Mondolfi that simply features a common hand gesture in pop-up form that’s meant to serve as the sole message to the recipient. After all, why say “Congratulations” when you can send someone a fist bump instead?

You should most certainly support Alessandra’s good work and design, but I’m thinking this might also be a fun motif to play with yourself. There are a trillion pop-up card how-tos online, and what’s better than a high-fiving greeting card? A high-fiving greeting card you made yourself.

Check out Alessandra Mondolfi’s Etsy store to purchase ($8 each)

[Via Incredible Things]