Alternative Uses for Easter Candy

With all of the eggs located (and re-hid and found again) and the baskets torn apart, the pinnacle of the Easter season passed us sometime yesterday in the early afternoon. But we still have the warm thoughts of new birth and spring time in our hearts, and tables and baskets and countertops full of seasonal candy.

And you could slowly pick away at it, one jelly bean at a time: or, you could improve on the simple pickout, unwrap, munch, regret formula that usually comes with post-holiday sugar bombs. Here’s a few ideas:

Cadbury Creme Eggs Benedict


A very, very, VERY sweet take on the savory breakfast classic involving a cake doughnut base, a brownie slab, and oozing Cadbury creme egg, some buttercream Hollandaise, served with a side of poundcake homefries. Whoa.

Peepshi = Peeps Sushi22100331-peepshi2-primary.jpg

Another sweet take on a savory icon from Serious Eats, creating Peep sushi rolls by subbing Rice Krispee treats for sushi rice, and Fruit by the Foot for Nori.

Ten Additional Uses for Jelly Beans

An old ezine article that highlights some non-edible options for the anise-y Easter classic, the jar of jelly beans. Most of these probably already occured to you, but, still, its nice to have them compiled.

Chocolate Bunny and Peep S’mores

peep smores2

What to do with that chocolate bunny once you’ve bit off her ears? Why melt it, top with a toasty Peep marshmallow, and surround with graham crackers, of course.

Please share any other alternative uses or creative recipes in the comments below!