How To: Super Quick and Easy Large-Scale Modern Painting

NOTHING fills up a blank wall like a large scale art piece. And nothing can cost more than… a large scale art piece.

Unless you’re hip to this sweet sweet idea by Nerissa and Pete from the New Domestic. With the help of a bit of extra thin painter’s tape, they were able to translate a digital design into an abstract painting with a huge impact.   “We’ve been wanting a large scale art-piece to go up on our dining room wall. We had a large framed photograph up but, at 26″ x 32″, it didn’t have the right scale for the room. We wanted to go big. Like, 60″ x 36″ big….Inspired by color field paintings, I made a sketch in Illustrator and we tried different color combinations til we were happy. Then it was off to the local art store to buy the acrylic paint, the canvas and some 1/4″ painters tape. A few hours later, we were done and it was up on the wall. We’re enjoying it. It’s the bold, large-scale signature piece the room has been waiting for. We call the piece………’Untitled.’ “

Weekend Art Project :: The New Domestic [via Grassroots Modern]