iCade – The iPad Arcade Cabinet

When is an iPad not just a giant iPhone? When it's a giant iPhone inside a sweet vintage-looking arcade game wooden casement and includes a joystick-and-two-button-combo controls. “To use the iCade, gently slide the iPad into the docking cradle. The docking cradle uses a standard 30 pin connector to link the iPad to the professional-grade arcade controls. Once the iPad is in place, launch the iCade App (available free in the App Store April 3rd) and it's game on! We didn't want to take any chances you'd run out of juice during your favorite game, so we included a 10w USB power adapter so you can charge the iPad through any electrical outlet. Now you're all set to make an uninterrupted run on the Dig Dug World Record!”I wonder what the quarter slot does.

iCade – iPad Arcade Cabinet 

[via Greenhead. Thanks, Jo!]