Oct 31, 2011

How to: Make DIY Pixy Sticks in Gourmet Flavors

Pixy Sticks are one of those nostalgic childhood treats - along with Lik-M-Aid/Fun Dip and Frankenberry - that I still turn to as an adult, because of the ridiculous fact that it tastes like nothing but sugar and citric acid. I figure, if you're gonna eat junk, eat junk. And, they're still crazy fun to eat. 'Cause, as it turns out, flavored sugar in a straw is a mostly brilliant idea.

The clever minds at Chow say, "We decided to make over the old-school candy for Halloween, taking inspiration from the ingredients pastry chefs are using around the country. The result is CHOW's Trixy Stix in five delicious flavors: chile-tamarind, black sesame, yuzu, beet-rose, and urban-foraged spruce tips. To make these you'll need a really clean coffee or spice grinder, a tiny funnel, and paper straws."


You've still got time to whip some up before Trick-or-Treat tonight...but really, you don't need an excuse.

Make Your Own Trixy Stix in Super-Trendy Flavors



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