Death Star Watermelon


Hello ManMade-ians! I am honored to mind the store as my buddy Chris is off galavanting the world doing good deeds. But now that he’s gone, let’s talk about him behind his back, shall we? Chris has never seen Star Wars. As a matter of fact, he’s never seen any of the Star Wars films. How does that happen?? A man of his age, in this day and age? I don’t get it. (Shakes head.) So, just to bust his chops a bit–and to goad him into finally seeing the films–I thought I start my stint on ManMade with something those of us who have seen the films would appreciate: A Death Star Watermelon. It was lovingly made, I’m sure, by flickr user Silverisdead. My only issue with it: it’s too awesome to destroy for mere human consumption.