Deep Fried Bubblegum. It [Too] Is a Thing.

This year, the summer State Fair continues to outdo itself. First deep fried Kool Aid, then deep fried sticks of butter. And now? Fried bubblegum. As award-winning deep fry master Abel Gonzales remarked upon inventing the butter trick….”Where do you go from here?”

Apparently, to the dime store candy aisle.Well, sorta. As The Today Show blog reports, “We were a little disappointed to learn that there is, in fact, no gum in deep fried bubblegum. The treat is a bubblegum-flavored marshmallow that’s dipped in batter, deep fried and topped with icing and powdered sugar.”

Still, if you’re in Dallas this week, or at your own State Fair next year, where this is bound to pop up everywhere, it may be worth assessing. At your own risk.

Deep-fried bubblegum busts competition at Texas State Fair