Mar 09, 2010

The Most Awesome iPhone Stand Ever Made... of Cutlery

Sure, it might be the ONLY iPhone stand made of cutlery, but that doesn't change its dopeness.

ForkedUpArt of North Salt Lake, Utah, sells two different options: ForkHead, pictured above, and his brother SpoonHead, seen below.

Silverware iPhone/iPod Stand - Spoon Head

Currently, both dudes are sold out, but we're promised that "Due to increased demand I'm making these guys as fast as I can." Hopefully, they'll be back in stock soon. Around $30 plus shipping.

I'm not sure how these would work with different sized cases, but the fingers can presumably be crimped or loosened as needed.

Forked Up Art on Etsy [via TUAW]


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Cara Jean Means on Mar 11, 2010:

This is pretty awesome.  And that fact that this person heralds from my neck of the woods makes it even more awesome.  Props to Utah!

Chris on Mar 09, 2010:

@Alyson - Aren't they?

Re: name - We're not being decieving, we're just happy to share crafts and handmade projects that aren't necessarily feminine. Everyone's invited! We're happy you're here. :)

AlysonIsNeat on Mar 09, 2010:

Those are seriously awesome.  By the way, I think the name man made diy could be deceiving... I love this blog and I'm a girl