The Quarter Life Crisis?

It hits you hard. One day, you’ve realized those things you’ve clung to for the last decade aren’t actually what you’re going for. Perhaps, for previous generation, such enlightments really didn’t come until middle age, when there are often kids, mortgages, and stock options involved.

But for an increasing number of young adults, mega-life changes hit in your twenties.   Or, so reports author Kenneth Suna in his piece, “My So-Called (Quarter) Life (Crisis)”

I had one. Really. Hit me at exactly age 25. I was finishing up graduate degree, the result of eight years of education that, while I’m thankful to have it, is ultimately pretty far from where I find myself today.

After lots of reflection, some good decisions, some bad decisions, and plenty of risks, scars, and weeks without sleep, I’m finally on the upswing of that earthquake. One of the results is this very website, ManMade. And so many, unbelievable things for which I’m thankful.

Boy, am I glad I didn’t do this at forty.

My So-Called (Quarter) Life (Crisis) [Primer]