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Sep 05, 2013

Note to Self...

A Note to Self: September 5, 2013   
Over the last few years, early September has emerged as the perfect time for my wife and I to travel. It works well with our work schedules, peak season is over, and I love that we leave in summer, but come home in fall.

For the next seven days, we'll be exploring the natural geography of Utah, and visiting all five National Parks. We'll be sleeping under the stars, sleeping in cabins, and sleeping in hotels. We'll be hiking for miles, driving in a rental car, riding bikes, and, at some point, jumping out of an airplane.

ManMade will be taking a nap while I'm away, but if you want to check out the scenery and all the cool stuff this amazing region has to offer, please follow along with our adventures on the ManMade Instagram page. I'll be sharing when I can.

See you soon.

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I know it's a ways from Utah, but if you want to visit Laramie, WY (equally as pretty as Utah) I would love to meet you and you could visit my restaurant! (

Need any SLC area tips?

This trip sounds like my dream trip! Those national parks are high on my travel list. Can't wait to follow the journey via Instagram. Safe travels!

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