Oct 10, 2017

7 Stylish Coffee Mugs That Will Make Everyone Else in Your Office Jealous

When I think back to my first office job, I learned two key takeaways: 1) always share your process and thinking with your supervisor, and don't hold out til the end to show them the completed project and 2) drink a bunch of liquids all day long so you'll have to get up to go the bathroom. 

Seriously. Moving about the office gets you up and out of your seat, your eyes off the computer screen, and the ability to mingle a bit with your coworkers. And while we recommend switching to water after 11:00am, it's nice to enjoy a few small personal mugs of coffee vs. a huge thermos. It always stays hot, and remains fun to sip the whole morning through. Here are seven mugs to do it in style.      

1. Mazama Large Mug - $42

 My personal everyday mug. Handmade in Portland, Oregon in a variety of colors and finishes. Can't recommend highly enough.


2. Mugr - $60

A serious investment, sure, but look at that matte ceramic and lovely walnut handle. 


3. CB2 Black Clay Mug - $5

Sometimes, big chain stores do get things right. This piece is handthrown with simple glaze dip, and for the price, there's no reason not to give it a shot.


4. The Holdster Model 01 - $35

A hand-stitched leather insulating sleeve slips over a replaceable mason jar insert. Simple, and brilliant. 

5.  Stoneware Thumb Cup by Hanselmann Pottery - $27

Hand thrown ceramic mug forgoes the handle entirely, offering a simple imprint to place your thumb for maximum control and hand-warming coziness. 


6. Joey Mug - Set of two for $45

Simple, handsome, and, with the pair, you only have to do the dishes every other day. 


7. Startup Vitamins Get Shit Done Mug - $23

If you're accustomed to looking to your morning mug for a little motivation, we recommend the above. Cause saying it simple is always best. 


How do you drink your morning coffee or tea? Please share your favorites in the comments below. 









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Chris on Oct 12, 2017:

@Tim - It's the first option listed, by Mazama.

@Jason - That's an awesome idea. Thrift shops near artist towns are always worth a stop.

Jason Wong on Oct 11, 2017:

I scout around thrift stores for handmade mugs! I've picked up a set of 4 made in a nearby town on a mountain that frequently gets compliments.

Tim B on Oct 10, 2017:

What's the source for the blue clay ware mug in the initial post picture?