How To: Make Spider Web Balloons for Halloween

A clear latex balloon turns into a showstoppingly spooky party decoration. The trick is to use an inexpensive balloon additive called Hi Float to create the webs.
Photo Credit: totallytop10

You know that spindle-y, cotton-y, faux spider web material they sell in plastic bags?

I hate that stuff. First, it’s gross and creepy; as in, not a cool, eerie Halloween way, but in an octogenarian’s chin hair kinda way. And, it’s nearly always misused to create a melty cotton ball look that looks nothing like an actual spider web.

But this process is pretty intriguing. A special balloon-strengthening product called HI-FLOAT is allowed to dry inside an inflated then deflated balloon, and upon re-inflation, produces a stringy, bizarre, somewhat similar to a spider web-looking thing, which, when combined with a few plastic creepy crawlers, looks pretty awesome.

See how it’s done by watching a quick and simple tutorial here!