The Helvetica Cross Stitch Kit

created at: 10/12/2010

For contemporary crafters, the old script-y, serif-y cross stitch alphabets simply won’t do. So, Tamara Maynes has created the Helvetica Cross Stitch kit, an A-to-Z cross stitch design chart that allows you to incorporate the Swiss school classic and the world’s most popular typeface into your handmade goodies.  

created at: 10/12/2010

We think it looks pretty great, though the lower case “a” (the typeface’s most obvious indicator) is no doubt quite tough to recreate in thread pixels. We always opt for Univers when going for the realist Swiss look, but this is a job well done, indeed.

Tamara, can we get some Futura and Gill Sans next, please!?!

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[via Design*Sponge]